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May 06 2015 -
 Narozia Start - 29.05.2015 - 18:00

arozia start - 29.05.2015 - 18:00

Narozia - server with long story have been finally updated to newest client version. We have done much work to improve this server to be playable for long time, not for a week or some days.

Advantages of Narozia:

  • Great Map - we got all terains including the newest Roshamuul and Oramond. We also have the Seacrest Grounds and Glooth Factory on Oramond!

  • Achievements - you can get more than 250 unique achievements. They are possible to get from Quests, Events or some stupid things, like opening window 100x.

  • Live Streams - we've finally added the live stream system to our server. You can broadcast you gameplay online!

  • Balance - we've tested our balance of profession many hours. And we are sure, that all professions are balanced. Every profession have good and bad sides.

  • Quests - we've added 99% of quests. Most of them are only addition to server like The New Frontier or Goroma Quest. But there are some quests, which must be made to get access to some terains of map like The Inquisition.

  • Server Site - we've rewrited many code of our site. Now it looks more realistic. We've added new forum, which you don't must register. You just need to be logged on your account on site.

  • DDoS Protection - our server is hosted in Hosteam. 99% of DDoS attacks are blocked in 1 seconds from start. Also, they are helping us with another attacks on dedicated server.

  • Server Rates - we've hope, that new server rates will be good for everyone. For players, which want's to make quests and for everyone, who love to fight with another in guild wars or just kill somebody. More can you find Here.

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