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Dec 19 2015 -
 Eldera [10.96]

Eldera-Global Starts on 30.07.2016 at 13:00!

About Eldera-Global

Client Version:10.96
Magic Level:x8
Skill rate:x25
Loot Rate:x3.4
Exp Stages:Stages

But Why you should choose Eldera-Global?

Are you bored of all RPG-PvP servers? Have you got not enough time to spend on your character? Do you want just to play for fun and explore new areas? This server is for you! Our big experience stages are for people, who just want to spend time in tibia andhaving fun. You don't need to spend hours on hunting. Just play in your free time and have fun Whenever you have a spare time you are highly welcomed here to relax yourself.

* Summer Update 2016 - you can there newest monsters from Summer Update 2016. We have added also all quests and features like Monster Area!

* Winter Update 2015 - on Eldera-Global you can find newest update from Tibia. We have fully working Krailos Quest or Ferumbras Ascending Quest. You can also get new items from new monsters. New Equipment is fully working and you can get it like on real tibia!

* Great Map - we have all areas from newest clients. We've added Krailos and Ferumbras Ascending Area.

* Many Events - on Eldera-Global we organize many events for players. You can participate in one, that you choose!

* Support - our server have great support. We answer in private message. We have also Bug Report system on our page.

* Server Security - our server is free from DDoS'es. We are hosted by the best company for Open Tibia Servers - Hosteam.

* World Changes - on Eldera you can find many world changes, like Dragonlins, Mawhawk or Sight Surrender Valey.

* Hotkey Equip on Eldera you can use hotkey equip to fast equip another item in your Equipment!

* Balanced Vocations - all vocations are very balanced and fulfil their roles.

* Death protection - if you die on kick, your experience and blessing will be given to you after relogin.

Eldera-Global Events

On Eldera-Global you can participate in many events, like House Contest, Screenshot Contest. We also give you possibility to take part in Devovorga Event or Lightbear!

Promotion Codes

On our server you can get free prizes for just playing. You will ask how? Just registered on our server. Every at 20:00 we will send on your account free code, which you can exchange for random reward. We will also give codes for all accounts, which will be registered before server start. You can use code on your own account or give it to your friend. You can find more after login in Promotion Codes.


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